Body Impact
1624 Barclay Blvd. 
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Monday - Thursday  6:00am-7:00pm
Friday                       7:00am-7:00pm
Saturday                   8:00am-2:00pm
Body Impact Fitness was founded by owner Angel Santiago as an in-home personal training business in 2004. His vision was to provide education to his clients so they can feel empowered and take charge towards a healthy lifestyle. Body Impact Fitness takes pride in the ability to educate and train it's clients with the latest research information available in the fitness industry. What has resulted is a happy, healthy and conditioned clients with a strong, toned, flexible  as well as balanced lifestyle!
Welcome to Body Impact Fitness and Congratulations on what may possibly be one of the most positive decisions to improve your health as well as in creating a Positive Healthy Lifestyle! If you have been searching for answers to the following:
- Weight loss
- Weight gain 
- Flexibility
- Strength building
- Stamina Building
- Sports specific 
- Or simply just want general over all fitness then you 
  need to contact us and or hit let's get started

Training is learning, and at Body Impact Fitness we are all about learning as well as educating. We want to empower you with information that will Impact your life in a positive way without any ill effects. You can feel rest assured your Body Impact Coach, is educated and certified as well as have your best interests in mind always. You will be introduced to methods such as Q-15, and Break down 180 and so much more to help you accomplish your goals here at Body Impact Fitness. So come on take the Challenge!
Let's get social!
"Body Impact coaches helped me out when I thought no one could. I went to a few other places to get myself back in shape. However I found myself needing to compete and felt intimidated with a younger crowd lifting so much weight at such extreme intensities! But Angel, set the record straight, he looked and assessed me and designed a program that would allow me to manage and progress myself. He found the areas that needed more attention than other's as he stated--you can look and look at what you really want to look like, but if you don't fix the areas needed you will hurt yourself even worse. Since that time 2 years ago, I am happy to say I am pain free from my back and getting ready for my first Sprint Triathlon, which Angel is coaching me for. Sincerely, thank you Angel awesome growth you given me"----T. McColls